The journey of Super Refinery started in 1997 with the establishment of Bangladesh’s first-ever private sector refinery. We utilize the gas condensate from the various gas fields of the country to produce industrial solvents such as MTT, SBPS and other petroleum by-products.

SRL has been playing a key role in supporting the growth of the paint industries of the last 18 years. We are facilitating and fulfilling the entire demand of MTT by the paint companies which used to be imported hence, saving the countries precious foreign reserves.

In addition, The Government of Bangladesh has also benefited from the activities of SRL. Motor Sprit and Diesel are two of the country’s widely used petroleum products. Their supply was largely dependent on imports, which has sharply decreased once Super began providing the government with MS and Diesel.

SRL has been operating its refinery successfully for 18 years. During this period the company increased its capacity from 25,000 MT to 1,00,000 MT comprised of 3 Columns.

Other then SRL the diversified business interests of Super Group of Companies has helped to become a stand out conglomerate of Bangladesh.

The lists of our other companies are:
1. SuperTel Limited – Call Centre for Domestic & International Communications.
2. Super Silica Bangladesh Bangladesh Limited – Production of Sodium Silicate(Up-coming project)
3. Super Shares & Securities (Pvt.) Limited – Share Brokerage house
4. Elite Properties Management Limited – Property Development
5. Super Sea Fish (Pvt.) Limited – Trawler Fishing
6. Elite Super Plastic Industries (Pvt.) Limited – Plastic Manufacturing


Super Refinery began its operations in 1997 in Chittagong, Bangladesh being the first private sector refinery in the country. Through the processing of low density hydrocarbon liquids, the company is manufacturing Motor Spirit, Diesel, Mineral Turpentine and , and Special Boiling Point Solvents.


We believe in developing the country and have entered into sale agreements with the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) for our Motor Spirit and Diesel. This ensures that the hard earned foreign currency of our country is not spent on the ever increasing demand for fuel and many more others.


Furthermore, our hydrocarbon solvents such as Mineral Turpentine and SBPS are serving our private sectors in various industries ranging from paint manufacturers to garments.These chemicals are crucial raw materials,both for operation control and product quality control.

And More…

In 1997, we started our production with one unit maintaining a capacity of 90 MT per.Through the years, taking into consideration the increasing chemical demand, further two units were established holding a total capacity of 310MT per day.We are currently running a 100 sector domestic and international call centre.



  • Facilities
  • Health Safety and Environment
  • Institutional Recognition
  • Quality Control

Processing Facility :

3 batch distillation  units (packed tower).

Capacity of unit-1             : 700 bbl (approx. 90MT) per day

Capacity of unit-2             : 700 bbl (approx. 90MT) per day

Capacity of unit-3             : 1000 bbl (approx. 130MT) per day

Total Processing Capacity : 100000 MT per year

Two stripper units for improving flash point of the products (Diesel/KSO).

Utilities :

Captive power generation : 3 Diesel generators of total 1 MW capacity.

Steam generation                : 1 fire tube boiler of 3 Ton capacity at 10 Kg/cm2 pressure.

Compressed air system     : 3 air compressor with dryer for production of instrument air at 8 Kg/cm2 pressure.

Cooling tower                      : 1 cooling tower of capacity 100 m3/hr

Storage Facilities:

Feed (Condensate)            : 2250 kilo-litre

4 Storage tanks; 1 Measuring Tank

Finished Products             : 990 kilo-litre

7 Products tanks; 5 intermediate Products Tanks;

1 Slope Tank

Total Storage Capacity   : 3240 kilo-litre

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Facilities :

Super Refinery has well designed fire prevention network and fire fighting facilities.

  • Pressurized fire water network
  • Hydrant
  • Monitor
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Sprinkler on tank roof
  • Fixed and portable foam trolley
  • Explosive gas detector

SRL since startup has not mat any fire hazard.

We can be reached at: Tel : +88-02-334450350-53 Fax : +88-02-334450447,Elite House, CDA Avenue,G.P.O Box # 395, Nasirabad,Chittagong, Bangladesh.