SuperTel is a 300+ seats International and Domestic Call Center which provides premium quality services in the BPO sector in Bangladesh with world class facilities. Our emphasis is on professional excellence, personal integrity, technical innovation and customer benefits that are designed to:

 Enhance your business image
 Increase revenue and profit
 Build your market share
 Cost effective customer service solutions.
In today’s economy, quality marketing, customer care and acquisition isn’t just important, it’s essential and often the difference between success and failure. No one knows this like SuperTel and with extensive experience and access to a number of Boardroom Level contacts, SuperTel has designed and implemented a number of successful solutions. At SuperTel we work with the right people, having access to the right technology and the right answers from extensive experience.

All personnel of SuperTel are extremely client-focused and we always ensure that the relevant senior operational personnel are available throughout the set-up phase and roll-out of each new campaign, as required.

SuperTel‘s Top Management members have prior work experience in call center projects in India, Philippines, Australia, UK and USA. Our Experience is based on sound knowledge and technical-know-how to establish a successful call center in Bangladesh.

Mr. Salim Ahmed, Managing Director

Mr. Shajir Ahmed, Deputy Managing Director

Ms. Emrana Khan, CEO

Mr. Fazle Rabby, Director – Head of IT Business Development

Technology and Experiences

The right people

An experienced team of experts backs all of our campaigns. Our Customer Relationship Associates (CRA’s) have the know-how and training to treat customers with the courtesy, respect and responsiveness they demand.

The right technology

SuperTel has multiple E1 connectivity, Drishti , One Exchange and Infratel software for our domestic and International clients and leading-edge, multi-channel communications technology which maximizes customer contact by telephone, fax, e-mail, IVR, live text chat, collaborative browsing or voice over Internet Protocol. This creative use of technology provides enhanced features to our clients’ customers’ at essentially no additional cost to our clients.

The right experience

We have been in the BPO business for 13 years, designing and developing acquisition, retention and optimization of campaigns with major players across all market sectors. That’s why we have access to some of the world’s best known brands, from providing high quality customer care and relationship management on their behalf.

Our Clients

Address: Super House, 25 Gareeb-e-Newaz Avenue, Sector 13, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.
                    Phone: M: +88 01678 005 505, T: +88 02 895 1057,  IP: +88 09 666 700 300
                    E-mail: [email protected], Web: